Things You Need To Know About Boot Camp Project Management

Boot camp project management is a term you must have heard when you are going for PMP. If you decide to give the PMP exam then you must have gone through its requirements. One among such requirement is 35 contact hours.

To fulfill this requirement you need to take formal training there are various means to get 35 contact hours. One among such is boot camp which not only fulfills your requirements but also helps in your exam preparation.

In this article, you will get to know how to boot camp is helpful for you. Is it really worth to spend time and money on boot camp? Is boot fulfills your requirements or not. We write this article to give you all the details about the boot camp. Hope you like it and get all your answers. Read ahead to know about PMP boot camp.

What Is Boot Camp In Project Management?

Generally, PMP boot camp is training provided to the PMP aspirant to prepare for the exam. This is a very strict training for 3-4 days. For a serious exam like PMP, boot camp training is a good option. Those who are preparing for PMP needs proper study plan and no distraction. To keep you away from distraction and prepare for the exam seriously boot camp training really works.

PMP Boot camp provides you 35 contact hours training. Which is one the requirement of PMP? So this serves you two purpose one that it provides you 35 contact hours and second, it prepares you for the exam.

What You Should Know About Boot Camp Project Management?

The boot camp provides and the accelerated path towards your exam success. As it provides you a serious study time with no distraction and full commitment. In boot camp, you generally have to pay the fee in advance this keeps you more motivated. As you already spend your money this forces you to study with more discipline. This sounds funny but actually, it is true. Some more feature of boot camp are as follows:-

  • Boot camp has small batches.
  • Provide practical study solutions.
  • Experts provide mock tests to be solved by you.
  • You will be evaluated at the end of the training.
  • Quizzes after every topic.

How Long And How Much The Boot Camp Will Take?

PMP boot camp generally ranges from some hundred dollars to some thousand dollars. Some boot camp has a money back guarantee if you didn’t clear the exam. This depends on the training program different training program have different conditions.

Employers consider this as an incentive to boost knowledge and providing a proper time frame for study seriously with no bars. You have to pay only after you clear the exam. So check before you go for any boot camp. Every training provider has their own terms and conditions.

What Is The Boot Camp Scenario?

Passing percentage for boot camps is approximately 99 percent. There are many good training providers whose passing percentage of boot camp training is 99 percent. While there are some exceptional training providers whose passing percentage is very low. Because they don’t follow the proper study preparation pattern and lack in some other things too.

Many candidates read the PMBOK guide to understand the project management concepts before joining the boot camp. So that they can focus on the topics which they don’t understand properly.

It is advised to take some other study material guide also to make your preparation best don’t just overall depend on boot camp training only. Book your exam slot after a couple of weeks or maybe earlier after your boot camp training so that your efforts and preparation will not get wasted.

Is Boot Camp For Everyone?

You might want to pick a study plan that suits your lifestyle. Sometimes boot camp doesn’t go well with your requirements. Boot camp is conducted at certain locations at certain timings. So it’s hard to grab your choice of place and time always. Sometimes its too far and sometimes its too early or too late. These issues make boot camp an inconvenient option for you.

Boot camp is a rigorous training period that conducts training of 4-5 days. During this training, you need constant concentration to memorize the whole content in such a short span of time. It’s hard to remember the whole content in much less time. This training focuses more on passing the exam then giving knowledge for your personal and professional growth.

If you are someone who wants to pass the exam then this is definitely for you. But if you want to become a better project manager and wanted to gain knowledge about project management concepts then take help from other sources too. As this may not fulfill all your purpose.

As it is rightly said one thing can’t provide you everything. We all are different individuals and different purposes so boot camp is suitable for some individuals and maybe not for others. Its totally depend on your choice.

Research About The Provider Of Boot Camp

When you are investing your time and money in boot camp then it’s your right and duty to investigate or research the training provider. There are some points that we are providing so to make sure that your training is a trusted one. Here are the following points:-

– What are the total fee and additional cost components?

– Is a copy of the PMBOK guide provided as part of the training?

– Is there a money-back-guarantee? If so then under what precise conditions.

– Who is the instructor? What is his/her experience in project management.

– What preparation materials are used?

– How many days and how many total hours does the boot camp class include?

– If the boot camp is a physical class then does it also supplemented by online resources?

Things To Do Before And After Boot Camp

If you are decided to take boot camp training then also go for these steps before your boot camp or maybe after your boot camp.

  • Read the PMBOK guide twice or maybe thrice to understand the concept properly and thoroughly. It may look tedious to understand the PMBOK guide concepts but once you get them it will be easy for you to understand further concepts. And this will also help you to understand the concepts during the training.
  • Make notes especially for those topics that you find difficult to understand. So to revise them later when your exam is near.
  • Don’t wait for too long after you complete your boot camp training. Schedule your exam accordingly otherwise, you will start forgetting the concepts which you have learned during the boot camp.


If you want to crack the PMP exam then boot camp is a good option to crack the exam. We have described the details above. How the boot camp is? What is it’s pro’s and it is a necessity according to a different scenario. Decide by considering all those points. Whether boot camp is for you not. Make a decision that suits your requirements and of course lends you to success.

Over To You

What are your views about boot camp? Is it really worth, investing time and money in boot camp? Have you gone through the boot camp experience? Please write to us in the comment section below.

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