Top 4 Things To Know About How PMP Exam Is Scored

Top 4 Things To Know About How PMP Exam Is Scored

How PMP exam is scored? Are there any passing criteria for the PMP exam? Are you finding such questions before giving the PMP exam? I am writing this article to answer such queries. No one knows about the passing score for the PMP exam. PMI doesn’t enclose it.

No one knows if there’s any score to pass the PMP exam. I have written this article describing the PMI’s nature of scoring in the examination. So, let’s read this article and find some useful information.

How PMP Exam Is Scored?

The passing score of PMP is not disclosed by the PMI (Project Management Institute). It is determined by sound psychometric analysis. PMI uses experts of different subjects across the globe to help at the point at which candidates should pass the exam and set a level of difficulty for the exam.

There is no passing score to pass the exam. It depends on the difficulty level of the questions you get. No two candidates can get the same questions paper. So, different candidates get different question paper and so that their level of difficulty is different.

The question paper with less difficult questions tends to have a high passing score. In contrast, the question paper with more difficult questions tends to have a low passing score. So it varies randomly and not fixed. Also, different questions have different weight.

Hence, it becomes difficult to predict what is the passing score for the PMP exam.

In the examination, there are different questions coming from different domains of the project management which you must have learned in your project management experience and training. They are:-

Initiation (13%) , Planning (24%), Executing (30%), Monitoring and Controlling (25%), Closing (8%).

So here as seen above this much percentage of questions coming from different domains. this will helps you in your preparation and to get an idea about the score.

PMP Exam And Result

PMI doesn’t set any passing score. It is still random and is not opened to anyone. In fact, PMI plays with the passing score many times. At once it was set to 81%, after this score there seems to be a huge fall in the passing rate of the candidates for PMP. Then PMI, again reset it to 61%.

Afterward, PMI ceased to publish the passing score for the PMP exam. It adopted a more scientific approach to set the passing rate for the aspirants to judge whether an aspirant is eligible for PMP or not. Later the PMI report card was also revised that tells you about your proficiency level in the examination. Different level of proficiency is (Proficient, Moderately Proficient, Below Proficient).

PMI report card showed the “Target ” level. Above Target, Target, Below Target, Needs Improvement . Similar to the proficiency level (Above Target- Proficient, Target- Moderately Proficient).

Some Aspects Of The PMP Exam

PMI never opens up about the exact passing percentage of the PMP exams. Although there are some aspect s that can be considered for the PMP exam:-

1. Is the passing percentage of PMP exam is 61%?

There is no exact information regarding this. As earlier PMI try with the different passing percentage set for the exam. But right now it ceased to publish any criteria about the passing score for PMP.

The passing rate is different for the different level of exam. For an exam with more difficult questions, the passing rate is the low exam. But the exam with less difficult questions the passing rate is high.

2. What if someone gets below proficient level in any domain?

If you are getting below proficient in any of the domain that doesn’t mean that you fail in the examination. Your whole performance in the whole exam will be judged thoroughly only then it will be decided you pass or fail. Different questions have different weight.

If you perform very poor in any of the domains or questions which is holding higher weight there might be chances that you may be lost the battle.

So again this can’t be proper predicted that which sections or domain holds the high number of questions with high weight.

3. Is there a single passing score for all?

No, there is no single passing score for all the aspirant. Every aspirant gets a different question set with a different level of difficulty. So the passing score is also different. High difficulty less passing score. Less difficulty high passing score. Its depend on your luck which question paper you will get.

4. When did you know about your report?

For a CBT (Computer Based test) you will get the results immediately after you complete your test and press the submit button the screen will take you to the result page and you will get your result.

For a paper-based test, you will get the result or your report card with you in about 6-8 weeks. You will receive your result with a sealed copy of your report after 6-8 weeks. If you want to see your result online you will get the result online after 6-8 weeks.


If you have done your preparation well and scoring well in the practice exam then you are ready for the exam. Don’t panic about how the scoring will be done just consider the factors which I described above and go for an exam after doing your preparation.

Instead of focusing on a particular score. Prepare and build your foundation strong to crack the questions which you will get in the exam.

Over To You

What is your strategy to score in the PMP exam? Did you have some tricks and tips to share with us? Please let us know in the comment section below.

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