Top Reasons How Will PMP Certification Help Me

How will PMP certification help me with my professional and personal career? The first question that comes in your mind while going for PMP certification is “How is this beneficial for my career and growth?” The answer is right here.

PMP is one of the highest-paying certifications in the world. The company who is having one- third of the project managers as PMP’s tends to have a better success rate of their project as compared to those who are aren’t having PMP’s.

If you are interested in project management and want to pursue a career in project management. Then you must have done your research about getting your PMP exam. So let’s answer the real questions whether PMP certification is good for you or not.

How Will PMP Certification Help Me?

“Project management can be defined as a way of developing structure in a complex project, where the independent variables of time, cost, resources, and human behavior come together.”                   – Rory Burke

PMP certification is globally recognized as one of the most valuable certifications for professionals in IT and many other industries.

Not only does this help you on a professional level, but it works in favor of the company that you’re working with as well. PMP certification improves your effectiveness and efficiency as a project manager, which increases your productivity, this further leads to an overall improvement in the revenues of the organization.

Let’s see some of the benefits that make you feel, PMP certification is a good choice for your career. So here are some of the top benefits.

  1. Growth In Career

According to PMI’s Earning Power Salary Survey, PMP certification holders earn up to 20 percent higher salary than those without PMP certification. The PMP certification not only boosts your career, but it also increases your salary significantly. Most big corporate specifically look for the certification while hiring a project manager.

  1. Enhance Your skills

The PMBOK guide defines a certain skill set that every project manager has to learn while undergoing the PMP training. This includes the five processes which are planning, initiating, implementing, monitoring and controlling and the last one is closing. During your preparation for the PMP exam, you will learn all concepts, tools, and techniques about project management.

This knowledge enhances your skills as a project manager. These skills further help you with your future projects.

  1. Enhance Your Marketability

This certification will improve your marketability. It means that you will get a chance to be in contact with global organizations and to know their work culture. It enhances your marketability to a great extent.

You will get in touch with people who are willing to do PMP and are already get their certification. You will get a chance to be in touch with them in discussion forums and meetings.

It provides you a platform where you get to showcase your knowledge by giving tips and tricks to others.

  1. More Opportunities

When you get your PMP certification it is evident that you have good project management experience to handle the company’s project. As for PMP, there are certain requirements that are a big deal to fulfill those requirements.

This certification acts as evidence that you have a good experience, Knowledge, and education. This increases the number of opportunities for you.


In spite of having so many advantages, there are some disadvantages too. As the coin has two different sides the bright one we have already seen. Now let’s look at the downside of getting PMP certification.

One of the major concerns for the aspirant is time and money. PMP exam is not a cheap exam. You have to spend a good amount of money to give the exam. The estimated cost is about $500-$550 for the PMP exam.

After joining the PMI Membership you will get some discount coupons that reduce the cost to $400-$450 but you have to pay a membership fee. If you want to know more about PMI membership read this article.

Another drawback is that your time. PMP exam requires you to invest a good amount of time for the preparations. As it is a tough exam you need to prepare well to crack the exam. It can be hard to take out time for your preparation from your busy schedule. So this will be a drawback.

Last but not least. You need to maintain your certification to keep it in an active state. For maintaining your certification you need 60 PDU’s to be earned within 3 years. This process continues if you want to keep your certification in an active state. There are many ways to earn these PDUs. Choose your way to earn PDU’s and maintain your certification.


Some people might be thinking that getting a PMP certificate is costly and time-consuming. But the time and money that you have to spend on your certification are worth all the efforts.

A project manager is a big duty. You have to train others and complete a whole big project. If you take your PMP training and preparation seriously then you must become a project manager that every corporate look for.

No doubt, that this certification will give you an edge over others.

Over To You

Is PMP certification worth it for you? How it is helpful? Please share your views with us in the comment section below.

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  1. Certification Planner

    PMP certification has helped me identify the various work areas of a project manger besides teaching me the modern concepts and methodologies that are now in use. It gave me the right exposure to the key aspects of various corporate projects besides rendering assistance in identifying business risks and resolving the challenging issues.

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