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How To Find The Best PMP Boot Camp For Certification Training?

Are you planning to take the PMP certificate examination to have an extra edge over others? Are you looking for a dedicated and examination-oriented training program? Before answering all of these questions, first understand what is the PMP boot camp?

A good PMP Boot Camp contributes to building a proper base for passing the PMP examination in the first attempt successfully. Some people also term it as classroom training for PMP certification, actually PMP boot camp is much more than classroom training.

PMP boot camp is the best form of training, and every “best” comes with expenses attached to it. Yes, the best PMP boot camp will be expensive and will require a lot of time devotion.

Hence it is essential to find out a good boot camp. In this article, we will discuss the criteria to find the best boot camp, not falling into marketing gimmick and avoiding those training camps and the advantages of a PMP boot camp. After reading this post, you would know how to choose a good boot camp.

Criteria for Finding The Best PMP Boot Camp

  1. Experienced Trainer

          This is the most important aspect of PMP boot . An experienced and certified trainer can give you a good understanding of the subject and motivate you to pass the exam.

In classroom training, the certified and well-experienced trainer will make sure a proper and precise understanding of all the topics. This is the main difference between classroom training and online training.

  1. Good Study Material

          What experience cannot teach you now, mentors and books can foretell! ” Indeed a very apt and good quote that relates to good study material in regards to PMP boot camp.

  1. A Lot of Practice Questions

A good set of practice questions validates your study. A classroom training that provides an ample amount of practice questions will boost your confidence towards your preparation.

Good questions and a lot of questions could be the key difference between passing and failing in the PMP examination.

  1. Post Training Support

A boot camp shall not get over after the completion of the course. Instead, a dedicated team must provide study support and support to fill the PMP application form post the boot camp.

If support is not good and they lack in providing the post-training assistance then it is better to avoid such training.

  1. Training Must be Aligned to the PMBOK Guide

          A lot of training companies do not give importance to the PMBOK guide. Since the PMBOK guide is the official guide provided by PMI and it is the main study material, it must be used for teaching.

The PMP exam follows those terms that are mentioned in its standard guide and book. So reading the PMBOK guide and understanding its terms will help you till the end.

Which PMP Boot Camps Should You Avoid?

While the concept of boot camp is designed to deliver the best concept and thus ensure to build the foundation of learning. But the market nowadays is filled with misleading concepts and misguiding individuals.

Marketing helps an individual or a firm to establish itself in the market but when this marketing emphasis more on false promises and inaccurate information, individuals become a prey and end up choosing the wrong training program for them. I have mentioned some marketing gimmick used to fool the aspirants:

  1. Claiming High Passing Rate

If you come across such claims of high passing percentage which are without any evidence then it is clear evidence that such claims are false.

Since 2005, the PMI has not published the passing score. Following the history, the passing rate is very low then such claims are worthless.

  1. Giving Pass Guarantee

Since those claims and guarantees of passing are not true because they do not have any evidence of passing so they have other ways of attracting the aspirants by jargons like “retraining” or “fee refund”.

Furthermore, they give a stringent deadline like “40 days to pass the exam”. Any aspirants do not take the exam to fail, preparation time for the PMP certification requires 3 months or more to pass the exam.


PMP boot camp is a precise classroom training that provides the right mix of instructor-led training. Many companies have now adopted a trend of selling regular classroom training by the name of boot camp. Sometimes they may even sell online courses as boot camp. One must be very careful while taking such a course just in the name of false marketing.

If you are very serious with the PMP preparation and looking for good training, then you should attend the best PMP boot camp. But remember the world is full of marketing gimmicks, you should be very careful before enrolling yourself to any such training.

Over To You

What you will think about the PMP boot camp. Is this helpful for you to find a good PMP boot camp for your preparation? Let us know about your views in the comment section below.


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