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Why A PMP Certification Class Is The Best Way To Get Training?

Why is PMP certificate class-room training necessary? What is the best way to get PMP certification training? Is joining the certification class the best way to clear the examination? You all might wonder and ask these questions to yourself after making your mind to take the exam.

Congrats! You’re one step closer to this certification. Making one’s mind is half the battle won. The next step is to start the preparation and earn that 35 contact hours. For the same, you need classroom training. Before discussing it, let us understand what is PMP and its benefits.

PMP stands for Project Management Professional. The PMP credentials recognise your experience in project management and your understanding of the knowledge area, process groups and the processes related to project management.

It is a credential created and managed by Project Management Institute, PMI. It is the largest organisation of project managers in the world.

PMP is a global standard which is recognised and used around the world. It gives you common vocabulary for managing the project no matter where you are located.

So it becomes a must-have credential and it doesn’t matter what industry you belong, what is your location.

If you’re serious with the PMP certification, then you should opt for classroom training. In this article, I have mentioned and discussed the advantages of a PMP certification class.

Benefits of PMP Certification Classes

Some of the benefits are:

  1. The Best Use of Your Time- If you are on vacation or having a career break and want to make good use of your time. Then PMP classes are a good choice. It is a good way for an uninterrupted and focused study. But before making commitments make sure the classes schedule must match with your time. There is also a cap on the number of students. So think well.
  2. High Motivation To Pass The Exam – You have to pay the fee in advance for your scheduled session. This makes you more motivated as your money is at stake.
  3. The Best Preparation- The study material which is provided in the classroom training is worth it. You will get a copy of the text of the PMBOK guide. Which is the big resource of preparation and you will get different study material that will help you in your study for the exam preparation.
  4. Coaching From An Expert– There is less number of people in the classroom so you will get more attention and good gathering. The facilitators will give you good guidance and tips regarding the exam. Even after the classroom, some of the coaches make them available through emails and via other means for students who need help.
  5. Post Workshop Support- You will get access to ask questions and your doubts even after your classroom course. This way you will get a lot of queries solved with no time wasted.

Disadvantages of PMP Training Classes

Some of the drawbacks are :

  1. It May Seem Expensive- The classroom training program is expensive as compared to other options. As it is the best way of training. It is a viable option if time is more valuable to you than money.
  2. It May Be Inconvenient For Some – As they are not organized everywhere unless you live in some large urban area. The 3-5 days classes will require travelling and hotel accommodations. For those who have families and job, it is really difficult for them. So you have to manage before scheduling your classroom training dates.
  3. Limited schedule and openings- As it is already noted that classes are conducts in some large urban areas. The classroom training has limited space and offers sessions at a particular time of year. This will make it difficult as may or may not be your schedule matches with the session timing.


To sum it all up, PMP Certification training will benefit you on many different grounds if your target is to be PMP certified.

It is observed that classroom training courses justify its cost in the long run. However, if you are comfortable with the investment in-classroom training, I would suggest you go for a PMP classroom training course.

In other words, attending a PMP classroom course will prove to be a lot easier and efficient than online courses.

Over To You

What you will think about the PMP certification class. Will it be helpful? Let us know about your views in the comment section below.


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