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Know All About PMP Classroom Training and Its Benefits

PMP Classroom Training

As part of the PMP certification requirements, it is mandatory for you to take 35 contact hours training.

Which is the most popular form of training?

Technology-based training sessions have become immensely popular over the years. With the advent of the Internet, online & virtual training sessions have become trendy. Classroom training workshops have taken a backseat.

But do you want to go with what is popular? Or do you want to go with what is effective?

Our experience suggests that virtual training sessions are not as good as regular classroom workshops. Although online sessions are popular, in our opinion, they are unlikely to replace classroom training anytime in the near future.

The classroom courses provide the best learning experience. The advantages of traditional classroom training outweigh other forms of learning.

You should attend classroom training for attaining the PMP certification.

This article has been written from our personal experience. We have been conducting PMP training classes for many years. Even though this article is written from our experience with PMP classroom training, the advantages of classroom training are generally applicable to other training workshops as well.

Our experience suggests that there are two very important things that you must consider before opting for a classroom training provider viz. a good trainer and a good institute.

  1. A good instructor is a must to gain deep understanding of any subject. You must find the best Instructor in your city before joining a classroom training. A good instructor comes with expertise, experience and specialization to help you. She/he will be able to answer your queries and clear the doubts right away. In addition you can contact your trainer even after the training is over.
  2. A good institute will also provide the right kind of support for your learning. It will give you the right study material and post training support for attaining the certification quickly.

If your city does not have a good classroom training provider, then it is better to attend training in another city.

Advantages of PMP Classroom Training

Following are some of the advantages of traditional classroom training over other forms of learning.

  1. Classroom training is an intense, concentrated, rigorous and personal in nature. It typically lasts for 4 to5 days and you can learn a lot within a short span of time.
  2. Classroom sessions are interactive and lively. In contrast to online learning, they are energizing and motivating.
  3. Classroom training gives you the opportunity to interact and convene with the other students. It provides the perfect environment to erect long-lasting relationships and make study support groups that can help with the exam preparation.
  4. Valuable feedback from the instructor and fellow peers is an added bonus.
  5. The instructor provides study material and printed handouts .This can considerably reduce the cost of printing & downloading of study material and other administrative hassle.
  6. The classroom training can be adapted according to the needs of the students.
  7. The instructor is likely to be from your city/country. It becomes easy to follow her/his accent. A good instructor can make the learning experience exciting, lively and enjoyable.

PMExperto Conducts Classroom training in Delhi, Gurgaon and Noida. You can visit our PMP training page to look at the details of our PMP training workshop.

Alternative Forms Of Training

Online PMP Training

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