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What Are The Most Recommended Exams To Practice For PMP.

Practice before exams make your preparation best. PMP examination is a tough exam to crack so practice as much as possible. Choosing a good practice exam to increase your chances of attaining the certificate. A good PMP practice exam gives you the right guide to prepare for your real exam.

I am writing this article to give you some of the best options for PMP practice exams that makes your preparation well. To improve your chance to crack the exam in the first attempt checks out these PMP Practice exams.

How Important Practice Exams Are?

You can not crack any exam until you are prepared. PMP is an examination which needs dedication and proper planning. Very often people ask can I write the exam now. But how can you write the exam when you are not prepared. So better get properly ready for the exam and pass the exam in your first attempt.

One of the best things to get success in the exam is to practice as many practice exams as possible. Many resources on the web are outdated or can have inappropriate answers. But make sure while choosing your practice exams, its content should base on the latest PMBOK guide.

How to check whether you are exam-ready or not (it means whether you are ready for the exam or not)? Many certified believe that practice quality mock test papers help a lot. Especially if the exam is carried out in the simulated environment just like the real exam with a timer.

The PMBOK Guide

The PMBOK guide (Project Management Body of Knowledge) is published by PMI. this guide is currently in its 6th edition. With every update, the PMP exam is also be updated.

The PMP handbook suggests candidate make use of the PMBOK guide as one of their references. And it is estimated that the PMP exam contains about 80% of the materials required for the PMP exam. From a survey, it is found that 95% of the aspirants did read the PMBOK guide at least once during their preparation.

If you are a member of PMI then you can download the PMBOK guide electronic copy for free. But many aspirants think that it is difficult to read the PMBOK guide. And give up on that. It is not that hard. Two things that you can do is. Hold on and read thoroughly, don’t focus on understanding.

Try to read the guide as fast as possible. Another thing is to give up on the PMBOK Guide and use other PMP Exam preparation course or guides that are meant for PMP exam.

Does not depend on the PMBOK guide only?

If you think that after reading or learning the PMBOK guide concepts is enough to pass the exam then no it’s not. Do not depend on the PMBOK guide solely for passing the PMP examination. Yes, it is true that it is published by PMI which means Project Management Body of Knowledge, it meant to be the framework of project management best practices.

But the actual PMP exam is more than the PMBOK guide. This is advised by the experienced that some content of the exam covered from outside PMBOK guide so it’s better to prepare from project management current titles. While most of the content is from the PMBOK guide only. But for your best preparation and to crack the exam in the first attempt you have to prepare for your worst.

Prepare a checklist for your PMP topics that are to be included in your preparation. And prepare accordingly.

Why You Need Other Practice Exams or Guides?

There are some reasons why you need other guides for your preparation. One among such is to help you understand the PMBOK guide better. To learn about the remaining preparation left for the exam. As the PMBOK guide covers about 80% of the exam syllabus the rest you have to prepare from guides and courses.

What are the best PMP practice exams?

When you search on the internet you will find hundreds of results. But it is hard to find which one is good for you and meets your requirements and which one is not. Most of the online material is old and outdated.

Some online courses and practice exams based on PMBOK guide 5th edition. So you have to carefully choose the updated one.

I have carefully chosen some websites that will help you out in your exam preparation. Some of them are mention below.

These above-recommended sites have good content and updated material. Never prepare from any random site with outdated material. That will worth waste your time. I think these sites will surely help.

Over To You

Which practice exams are you using for your preparation. Let us know in the comment section below.

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