PMP Certification Salary

What Is The Salary Expectations After PMP Certification.

PMP certification comes with a number of benefits. One of the major perks is the increment in your salary. How much salary can you expect after getting PMP certified? In this post, we talk about the PMP salary and its salary criteria.

PMP is one of the highest-paying certifications in the world. The company who is having one- third of the project managers as PMP’s tends to have a better success rate of their project as compared to those who are aren’t having PMP’s.

We know your curiosity and understand it better, that before digging into anything you wanted to know its outcome, its pros, and cons. So here we are providing you the information regarding PMP certification salary which might help you in making your decision.

A Glance of PMP Certification

PMP certification is one of the most renowned certifications worldwide for a project manager. Unlike any other certifications, PMP does not focus on a particular geography or domain, it is truly global. As a PMP, you can work in virtually any industry, with any methodology and in any location.

The PMI has set basic criteria for aspirants who wish to take the PMP exam.

If you have a bachelor’s degree and have 4500 hours of project management experience then you are almost ready to fulfill PMP’s requirements. With this, you need 35 contact hours of PMP training. This makes you eligible for the PMP certification.

And if you are a secondary degree holder then you need 7500 hours of project management experience and 35 contact hours. If you have this experience and education then you can apply for PMP certification.

You can prepare for your exam and can schedule your exam parallelly. There are multiple practice exams available online to help you with your preparations.

Does PMP Help You Get A Better Job?

This certification is universally recognized. Getting this certification is not easy. Therefore, it gives a good impression on the recruiter. This certification mark on your resume makes you stand out from a bunch of others.

Most big corporates, while hiring a project manager specifically look for this certification.

Therefore making it easy for you to get a job after PMP certification. As the certification itself defines that the candidate holds a good experience and practical knowledge.

Project Management Salary By Experience

If you have good experience in project management. Then would you think that your salary must be proportionally increased? Yes, it is true, it will. But this increase in salary varies according to different countries and regions. Sometimes the difference in salary differs according to the country in which you are. Doesn’t matter how much experience you hold.

If you are a PMP for a long time means if you renew your certification every time then how will it affect your salary. Yes, it will. If you are a PMP from long run then surely your salary will be much high than others. But again it will depend from country to country. Your salary and its structure vary from country to country.

Salary Standards For PMP

According to PMI’s Earning Power Salary Survey, PMP certification holders earn up to 20 percent higher salary than those without PMP certification. The PMP certification not only boosts your career, but it also increases your salary significantly. Most big corporate specifically look for the certification while hiring a project manager.

The PMP certified professionals India gets a salary of about 17 lakh p.a. while a non-PMP gets 12 lakh p.a.

The top job profiles that deliver the maximum worth of PMP Certification are IT Project Manager, IT Senior Project Manager, Software Development Manager, Project Manager, Program Manager, and Engineering Operations Manager (Rs 308,613 to Rs 1,618,782 ), etc.


PMP not only helps you on a professional level, but it works in favor of the company that you’re working with as well. PMP certification improves your effectiveness and efficiency as a project manager, which increases your productivity, this further leads to an overall improvement in the revenues of the organization. It gives you a prestigious position in society. If you are thinking of taking PMP, Go for it because it improves your growth.

Over To You

What is your salary structure after PMP? Does PMP really give you a better salary? What is your opinion? Please share with us. In the comment section below.

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