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Things You Should Know About PMP Application.

Many aspirants find the process of the PMP application a bit overwhelming. This article includes all the necessary details about the application procedure. We hope, after reading this article you have better idea about how to further get going with the application.

Requirements for the Application

Before applying for the PMP examination make sure you satisfy all the requirements. The PMI sets a minimum criteria for the Project mangers. Every applicant going for the PMP certification has to fulfill this criteria.

The process of filling PMP application is straightforward, but collecting all other information is time consuming. So first, obtain all the required experience and certificates and then apply for the application.

There are two ways to fill your application online and offline. Here are the steps to apply for PMP.

1. Completing the Online Application –

This includes your general information, experience and contact hours information.

2. Paying the Fee –

After your application is being reviewed. You have to submit the fee for scheduling your exam.

3. Completing the PM Audit Process –

When you submitted your application and payment then the audit process is done.

4. Scheduling Your PMP Exam –

After all the above process you can schedule your exam.

What is the Application Process?

Project Management Institute (PMI) provides an online platform for application. An offline medium is also available. You can apply either way.

Online mode is instantaneous. In offline mode, you have to send your application through courier.

The application requires information such as your education, experience, etc. PMI gives different settings to fill out the application. The online application once started cannot be canceled. You can save it for later and edit it. The saved details can be edited and some new information can be added which is required.

PMI gives you a 90 days duration to complete your online application. During this time PMI will send you an email to let you know the status of your application.

Always check your email address. It should be correct and valid as the primary mode of communication for PMI. Every update you get through your email. Check the information thoroughly before hitting the submit button.

Fee Structure for PMP Application

Once you submitted your online application. PMI will notify you for the payment of the application fee. For completing your payment you have to go to your online application and select your mode of examination and then accordingly you have to pay your fee. If you are a PMI member you will get benefited while making payment. The rate of payment depends on whether you are a PMI member or not.

If you are a member then for Computer-based testing(CBT) you have to pay $405 and for Paper-based(PBT) $250. And if you are a non-member then for CBT the cost is $555 and for PBT the cost is $400.

If you apply for membership before applying for the application make sure you will receive the confirmation email for your membership otherwise rates will be applied as per the nonmember of PMI. PMI will not refund any money if you receive membership afterward.

You can make a payment online or offline. Online payment will process fast as compared to an offline mode that includes money order, mail a check, credit card information, etc. If you did offline payment then payment has to be received with your application.

What is Audit Process?

The audit process comes after your application form is accepted and the payment is made. The PMI selects random applications for the audit process.

You will be notified through email whether your application is selected for an audit or not. With all the terms and requirements mentioned that is needed for an audit. You need to submit all the copies of your document that include your education certificates, the signature of your supervisor from the project whose experience is mentioned while filling the experience section of your application, certificate about your contact hour.

All the documents need to submit within 90 days. If you provide all your documents on time then the audit will take five to seven days to complete. You should send all your documents in one envelope so that it will avoid any delays. When you successfully complete your audit your 1 year eligibility period will start.

If you don’t complete your submission or didn’t follow audit guidelines properly it will cause audit failure. This will result in a suspension of 1 year for the certification. Just follow the PMI guidelines properly and you will face no issues.

Scheduling the PMP Exam

After you successfully complete all the steps including your examination fee you need to schedule your exam. PMP examination can be done through two ways CBT (Computer Based Exam) and PBT(Paper Based exam).

PMI will send you an email including PMI Eligibility ID which enables you to schedule your exam at the Prometric website. It is a first come first serve process so you need to book your seat fast. If you want a slot of your choice.

In case you lost your email that consists your PMI Eligibility ID you can find the same on PMI website under myPMI section. Follow the on-screen instruction to book your examination slot. On the site, you will be able to search for an exam center with seats available based on your preferred time. After you confirm your booking you will receive a confirmation email.

The confirmation email consists of a 16 digit confirmation number, it is advisable to keep this number at a safe place. This will require when in case you need to talk to the customer care of Prometric for any query related to the exam arrangement. Or it is also said that you should bring a copy of it with you on the examination center for safer side. Just in case of any problem you can make a call to the Prometric customer care and they will help you out in any way.


While filling your details make sure that you have every detail with you. Your information should be exact and true. This way you will not face any problem. Keep your documents and all the related photocopies with you while filling out information.

If you are selected for an audit then you can send these documents to the PMI. Just be true and you will face no issues in your application. In case you have any issues just contact the PMI customer support they will help you out. Best of luck with your PMP exam.

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