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What Can Be The Benefits Of PMI Membership.

The PMI membership comes with a lot of benefits. Do you know what benefits you will get if you are a PMI member? If you are not aware of the benefits of PMI Membership then you must be in doubt. Whether to take PMI Membership or not? You might be thinking that it’s a waste of money. But in reality, it is not true. So clear your doubts by reading this article and make a wise decision.

In this article, you will get to know about the Benefits of PMI Membership. You will get a clearer picture of the PMI membership. So do read till the end and decide whether it’s for you or not.

Different Forms of PMI Membership

Three types of membership are offered by PMI they are as follows-:

Individual Membership

This membership is available for everyone. Any professional can join PMI by paying the applicable fee. The initial joining fee is $139 and then for yearly renewal, you have to pay $129.

Student Membership

If you are a student then you can join the PMI. This membership is for students. The initial joining fee is 42 USD. You have to pay 32 USD every year for membership renewal.

Retiree Membership

If you are a PMI member for 5 consecutive years and have since retired, then still you can be a member by paying 65 USD renewal fee.

Benefits of PMI Membership

Some of the benefits of PMI Membership include:-

Discount on the PMP Certification Exam Fee

This is the first benefit that helps you financially. Once you become a PMI member then your PMP exam certification fee will be reduced to USD 405 from USD 555. This will be a direct saving of 150$. For joining PMI membership you have to spend 139$. Still, the cost discounts are more than the cost of joining.

Free Digital Copy of the PMBOK Guide

With the PMI membership, you can download the PMBOK guide’s latest edition, free of cost. Along with this you can download other important standards and framework.
The cost of the PMBOK Guide on Amazon is around 37 USD and is, therefore, a savings of 37 USD.

Access to Various Research Papers

As an honored member of PMI, you have free access to many PMI published research papers, and the paid papers are available at discounted rates to you.

PMI Marketplace

At PMI Marketplace, you will find many project management related books and all PMI standards (hard copy) at discounted prices.

Career Central & Headquarters

To help your career growth PMI has a huge collection of resources. Guidance is available for keeping you up to date with the latest trends and building your resume to acquiring the latest skills. You can also search for jobs by submitting your resume.

PM Network and PMI Today

If you are a member of PMI you are entitled to receive free monthly copies of PM Network and PMI today magazines published by PMI. This will be delivered to your doorstep or mailed in your inbox for free.
These magazines and material keeps you up to date with the world of project management and inside the local chapters of PMI. You can find in-depth articles, interviews and many case studies which will increase your knowledge.

Project Management Journal

You will get a copy of the research journal of Project management that advances the understanding of portfolio, program and project management published five times a year.

Local PMI Chapter Meetings

If you have joined PMI membership then you can join local PMI chapters at a nominal cost. You will get an invitation for every local chapter at discounted rates or sometimes free after you join your local chapters.

PMI Membership Renewal

You have to renew your PMP membership annually. Having an annual fee of $129, you can renew your membership. The only negative aspect is the annual fee otherwise you have a lot of benefits included with your membership.
For certification holder, you have to renew your certification after every 3 years.

You can strategically apply for membership every 3 years and not renew it afterward. In this, you will need to pay only the membership fee and the certification fee and the rest of the money is saved.

The only drawback is that in your membership dashboard the latest year is shown in which you applied for membership. And that to be not the drawback even from my point of view.


To realize the benefits of PMI you have to join the membership. There are many benefits of a PMI membership. Participate in the local meetings, you will be benefited as you will get a chance to interact with many PMPs. Networking with good professionals and experienced persons always help. You will get good growth and good knowledge of your career. So this will help you in your career.

Over to You

What do you think about PMI membership? Which benefit is the most important one in the PMI membership?

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