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How Much Is The PMP Certification Cost In India?

PMP is no doubt the most demanded credential and qualification in the world.

PMP certification is done by registering on the PMI website. If you are not a member of PMI, you need to pay a membership fee and PMP Certification Cost also includes a total of many expenses like PMI Membership, Training Cost, and Study Material besides the PMP Exam fee.

Before appearing for a globally recognised certificate examination, you may have certain doubts about the PMP certification cost in India.

In this article, I will cover the topics which are essential for you to understand the total cost involved in PMP Certification to clear the PMP examination. 

PMP Certification Cost in India

The major costs involved in getting PMP certification include the following:

  1. The Exam Fee

This fee is the fixed cost for anyone appearing for the examination. The generalised examination fee is $555. But if you already have a member, you can get the benefit of a discount offered by PMI.

The discounted examination fee comes down to $405 if you opt a PMI membership. Still, you need to pay $129 and $10 as an additional membership fee and a joining fee respectively to get the benefit of the discount.

Thus, a total of $550 has to be paid for appearing in the PMP examination.

The one appearing for an examination has to pay the fee, once they get the approval of application from PMI.

  1. PMP Training Fee

The training fee is the variable cost fee and it might be one of the expensive elements because the cost depends on the training institute that you pick.

The 35 Contact hours of specific instruction that conveyed learning objectives is mandatory for taking the PMP Examination. One hour of classroom instructions equals one contact hour.

You might already have completed education hours from your college or your company’s training programs. If you already have the required hours then you don’t need to spend an extra on a training course.

Nonetheless, it’s preferable to take formal PMP coaching to reduce any chance of failing.

  1. Study Material

There are many benefits if you are a member of PMI. One such is you have access to download a free digital copy of the PMBOK Guide.

PMI also provides a hardcopy of the guide, if someone is not comfortable with the digital copy. The paper copy will cost approx. $40 and you can order the paper copy online.

  1. Other Guides

One must also read from other sources available in the market. A good compilation of study guides can thus bring you one step closer to clearing the PMP examination.

  1. Practice Test

There are many free practice tests available on the web. It is always advisable to take a full length paid test to clear the exam. The price of a good mock test may fall somewhere between $60 and $300.

  1. Other Study Material

You should also buy other study material to clear the exam against all the odds.

The additional study material can include ITTO and formulas learning tools. You can find a free download to the ITTO process chart and formula sheet start.

  1. Re-examination fee

Once your application is approved, you are then allowed to take the PMP exam for the next 3 attempts. If unfortunately you can not clear the exam or have unavoidable circumstances, you have to take the second attempt for which you have to pay a re-examination fee.

The cost of re-examination varies if you are a member of PMI.So, the PMI members have to pay $275 whereas non-members have to pay $375 for the re-examination.

  1. Certification Renewal Fee

For every consecutive three years, you have to renew your certificate. PMI members have to pay $60 and the non-members have to pay $150 as the certification renewal fee.

PMP Exam Fee In India

Unlike many other certifications that target a particular domain or geography, PMP has its worth in any industry and location. So, there is a huge demand for PMP certified in all over the world.

Hence, the PMP credential in India is valued accordingly. To become PMP certified, it involves a certain amount of money, listed below.

Kindly note, once you’re the member of PMI, you are offered a discount for the examination fee.

Cost Head Member’s Fee

(In $)            (In INR)

Non – Member’s Fee

(In $)            (In INR)

Exam Fee $405 Rs. 30517 $555 Rs. 41820
Training Fee $133 – $159 Rs.10K – Rs.12K $133 – $159 Rs.10K – Rs.12K
PMBOK Guide No Charge It’s Free No Cost Free
Study Material $8- $59 Rs.600-Rs4,500 $8- $59 Rs.600-Rs4,500

PMP Certification Cost In Indian Rupees

PMI offers many courses but the best credential among all is the PMP certificate. Let us briefly go through with the cost involved for the credential and how much will it cost you in INR.

Becoming a member of PMI plays a major role in the cost variation. So, a person who is already applied for the membership may have to pay Rs.47,017 for an overall fee and the person who has not yet taken the membership has to pay Rs. 58,320.

So a total of Rs.47,017 to Rs.58,320 will be involved in for a person willing to take PMP exam.

If you clear on all the grounds with PMP examination and its preparation then cost must never be the deciding factor for such a globally recognized certification.


So far I have explained to you what is the cost involved in the PMP certification in India.

The cost is India varies as compared to the rest of the world as the cost for training which the variable cost is considerably lower.

One must always consider that cost for PMP certification varies geographically while appearing for the exam. If you have decided to pursue PMP, then you should start your preparation immediately. You are potentially losing money by delaying it. PMP certification is well worth the time and cost investment.

Over To You

What is your take on the cost involved in pursuing PMP certification? Do you think it is beyond your budget? Do you think it is worth to pursue this credential?

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