How Do I Become A Certified Project Manager?

How do I become a certified project manager? Are you planning your career in project management? Many aspirants today after getting experience wanted to do certifications like PMP to get a hike in their salary and for their career growth.

Certification is the best way to showcase your skills. When we talk about certification in project management PMP comes first. PMP is the certification which is highly recognized by the professional in every field. PMI (Project Management Institute) is the body of certification which has many certifications. All certifications have their own significance. You can choose any certification as per your requirement.

How To Become A Professional Project Manager?

Become a certified project manager is a challenging task. Many professionals such as Senior IT Manager, Project Head, Team leader from all the industries are considered for the project management certification.

To make yourself ready for this role and to settle in the current scenario effectively you may need to follow these steps:-

1. Decide To Be A Project Manager

If you are someone who likes the project management field. Really want to follow this profession then the project management certifications is definitely for you. If you are someone who is doing this for the professional growth then doing certification will definitely fulfill your goal.

Well, when you finally decide to go for project management certification. Then it’s time to decide which certification to take. So move further to know more.

2. Decide Which Certification To Pursue

There are two most common certifications in the project management field. PMP (project management professionals) and CAPM (certified project management professional). Both these certifications are offered by PMI. And actually, there are many certifications offered by PMI.

PMI offers many project management certifications and each certification is suitable for different types of individuals and level. PMP is the most common certification for project management professionals which is very high in demand today.

CAPM is a lower level certification for new project managers those who want to pursue PMP only after they reach the PMP requirements.

Decide which certification you want to pursue according to your qualification and experience. Shown in the flow chart below the different certifications for different levels:-

3. Begin Your Education

When you have decided that which certification you are going for the next step is to prepare. Preparation which is a very important step in the whole project management journey. Prepare as per your certification demand and requirement.

If you are going for PMP then you need project management education and project management experience. This is a sort of high requirement because of which many aspirants do CAPM till they can complete the requirement of PMP. To know more about PMP requirement read this article Requirement.

On the other hand, CAPM is a low-level certification which is having some requirements. So to fulfill this certification requirement. You need proper education and project management experience.

4. PMI Member

When you are planning your project management journey you might go for PMI membership. As this membership will provide you free access to the latest PMBOK guide.

PMBOK guide is Project Management Body Of Knowledge. It is the guide which is a must to read before the PMP and CAPM exam or any other exam also. It contains questions which come in your examination and also teaches you project management concepts.

If you are a PMI member then you will also get access to many discounts offered by PMI. Such as on your examination fee or any other purchase.

5. Study For The Exam

PMI exams are not easy to crack. You need to study the PMBOK guide and also some other reference book for your exam preparation. There are many reference books available in the market online and offline for the exam preparation.

For better preparation, you need practice tests. There are practice tests available to choose some practice for you and try solving the questions. It will boost your confidence and also give you a real exam feeling. So solve practice tests before going to the exam.

6. Schedule Your Exam

As soon you decide everything just schedule your exam. Scheduling your exam will provide you a time period to prepare for the exam. It will provide a deadline and keeps you motivated all the time. So if till now you didn’t schedule your exam just schedule it now.

And also it will help you in choosing your slot as it is a first in the first come process so make sure to do it quickly else may be your slot will get filled. So to choose a location for your choice always book in advance.

7. Appear For The Exam

When you are all set for your exam. Go for it and give your best in the examination. PMP exam consists of 200 multiple choice questions. In which 25 are pretest questions, pretest questions are those questions which are not considered in your marks.

Time allotted is 4 hours to complete the exam. On the other hand in the CAPM exam, there are 150 questions and the time duration is 3 hours. And in the same way, the different exam has different exam criteria.

8. Maintain The Certification

Not only getting the certification but also you need to maintain your certification. To keep the certification in an active state you need to fulfill some requirements. Like for PMP, you need to earn 60 PDU’S within 3 years.

There are many ways to earn PDU’s. And for CAPM you have to give the exam every five years. As the pattern changes frequently so always give the exam by doing preparation.


Hopefully, you will be passed in your exam, and if it does so. Congratulations your name will appear on the PMI’s certification registry within 24 hours. And you will receive your certification within 1 month through the mail.

And now you have certified project managers. Enjoy your success.

Over To You

Do you want to be a project manager? What’s your opinion on getting a project management certification. Please mentions your comments below.

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