how to get pmp certification

How To Get PMP Certification?

Do you want to go to Project Management? Are you really interested in project management? Are you seriously looking forward to growing in this field? Then PMP is the right choice for you.

Now the question that comes in your mind is what is PMP? How to do PMP? and many more. In this article, I will answer all your question and provide you with every detail about PMP.

What Is PMP?

PMP is a Project Management Professionals. It is one of the renowned certifications in project management. It is introduced by the project management institute(PMI). PMI is the number one institute for project management.

PMP certification has different requirements which are higher than the other certificate needs. It is an advanced level certification for professionals who are leading some projects or part of some projects. PMP certification needs good education and experience.

Why Get PMP Certification?

You must be having a big why? in your mind that why you should take this certification. You should have some strong reasons to get this certification. Some of the reasons that make your decision more easily.

If you are working in manufacturing & construction, information services, publishing, finance & insurance, management & professional service then you must see a spurt in the project management jobs.

If you are not in any of these industries still you can continue to think about PMP to get a step ahead from all.

It is estimated that there has been a good number of jobs in project management in the coming future. And its growing day by day. Isn’t it exciting and a strong reason to get PMP.

Did you read the PMI salary survey if not then here is the answer? There is a 20% hike in your salary if you are a PMP. There is a huge scope for a good salary hike if you a PMP then a non-pmp.

This certification gives you a prestige over others. If you are thinking to apply for a job then you will have an edge over others. So I think you will now get good reasons to think about PMP and to get this certification.

Now let’s move further and look forward to the requirements of PMP.

Requirements For The PMP Certification

For PMP you need a bachelor’s degree and 4500 of project management experience. Or if you have a secondary degree then you need 7500 hours of project management experience.

Other than education and project management experience. You need 35 contact hours of project management training. To know more about pmp requirement check out this pmp requirement.

If you fulfill the requirements for PMP then you are eligible for PMP certification. So why to wait let’s move further.
What is the application procedure of PMP?

Before applying for the PMP examination make sure you satisfy all the requirements. If you do not meet the criteria defined by the PMBOK guide then try to fulfill all the requirements before applying for the examination.

The process of filling pmp application is straightforward, but collecting all other information is time taking. So, first, obtain all the required experience and certificates and then apply for the application.

There are two ways to fill your application online and offline. Here are certain steps to apply for PMP.

1. Completing the online application- This includes your general information, experience and contact hours information.

2. Paying the fee- After your application is being reviewed. You have to submit the fee for scheduling your exam.

3. Completing the PM audit process- when you submitted your application and payment then the audit process is done.

4. Scheduling your PMP exam- after all the above process you can schedule your exam.

What Is The Fee Structure?

If you are a PMI member you will get benefited while making payment. The rate of payment varies depending on whether you are a PMI member or not.

If you apply for membership before applying for the application make sure you will receive a confirmation email for your membership. Otherwise, rates will be applied as per the non-member of PMI.

PMI will not refund any money if you receive membership afterward. You can make a payment online or offline. Online payment will process fast as compared to an offline mode that includes money order, mail a check, credit card information, etc.

If you did offline payment then payment has to be received with your application.

For a PMI member, the cost of certification is $405 and for a non pmi member, the cost of certification is $555.

How To Schedule The Exam?

After you successfully completed all your steps including your examination fee you need to schedule your exam. PMP examination can be done through two ways CBT (Computer Based Exam) and PBT(Paper Based exam).

PMI will send you an email including PMI Eligibility ID which enables you to schedule your exam at the Prometric website. It is a first come first serve process so you need to book your seat fast. If you want a slot of your choice.

In case you lost your email that consists your PMI Eligibility ID you can find the same on PMI website under my PMI section. Follow the on-screen instruction to book your examination slot.

On the site, you will be able to search for an exam center with seats available based on your preferred time. After you confirm your booking you will receive a confirmation email.

The confirmation email consists of a 16 digit confirmation number, it is advisable to keep this number at a safe place.

The confirmation number will require when in case you need to talk to the customer care of Prometric for any query related to the exam arrangement.

Or it is also said that you should bring a copy of it with you on the examination center for safer side. Just in case of any problem you can make a call to the Prometric customer care and they will help you out in any way.

How To Prepare For The PMP Examination?

You can schedule your exam before or after your preparation that’s totally your call. If you schedule your exam then start preparing for your exam so that you are able to clear the exam in the first attempt.

If till now you don’ t schedule your exam then do prepare soon and well and then schedule and give your exam.

When it comes to preparing for the exam it needs proper dedication, planning, and serious study. Make proper planning and study accordingly. Do practice some good practice exams for your best preparation.

Do read handbooks and most important include PMBOK guide in your exam preparation as it plays an important role.

How To Renew Your Certification?

Do you know that you need to renew your certification after every 3 years? It’s not just about getting the certification but its also about how you will maintain this certification.

You have to earn 60pdu’s(link)within these 3 years so that your certification remains valid.


Now when you know all about PMP certification put it all together make a plain and follow it. Get your PMP certification as early as possible so that you will get a step ahead from everyone.

For any other query, Please leave a comment below.

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