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How To Find The Best PMP Exam Simulator In 2022?

You might be looking for the best PMP exam simulator. If you search on the Internet, you would find various test simulators that claim to be the best.

Some of these simulation software are good but others are not up to the mark. So, how do you determine which of these is the top PMP simulator?

If you want to pass the PMP certification exam in your first try then you should invest in a product that is feature-packed and offers the finest mock questions.

We have written this article to tell you the parameters you should consider for finding the finest simulation software for the exam prep.

Note: As an example, you can look at PMP practice tests from our simulator. It was developed after considering all the parameters discussed in this article. If you want, you can test drive the free version to understand its features and do some sample questions.

The Best PMP Exam Simulator for Doing Practice Test Questions

A simulator is a testing program that helps you to practice tests in an environment that is similar to the main exam. It imitates the the actual exam. It has similar questions, pattern, and difficulty.

A simulation software helps you in getting familiar with the exam environment and its pattern. It checks your preparation level and provides spot feedback by telling you which are your strong and weak areas. It allows you to improve your knowledge and perform better in the actual exam.

Let’s take a look at the parameters for buying a good practice test simulator.

1. Large Question Bank

Your chosen simulator should have at least 1000 questions. In our experience, we have found that practicing 1000 questions is more than enough to successfully pass the PMP exam. Additionally, the practice questions should cover all the topics from the PMBOK Guide and Agile Practice Guide. There should be complete coverage for all the Knowledge Areas, Process Groups and Agile concepts.

2. Difficult Questions

PMP is one of the most difficult professional exams. The mock question should be similarly difficult so that you are fully prepared to take the exam.

3. Correct Answers and Explanations

The software should provide correct answers along with proper explanation for each questions. A good explanation will help you to an in-depth understand of the concepts.

Additionally, the answers should have PMBOK Guide and Agile Practice Guide references wherever appropriate. These books are published by PMI and are primary reference material for the PMP exam.

4. Timed Tests and Random Questions

PMP exam is a timed test. You have to complete 180 questions in 230 minutes.

The simulated tests should be similar to the actual PMP exam. The questions should appear in a random order.

5. Unlimited Attempts

Your chosen simulator should allow you to repeat the practice tests. It should not put a limit to how many times you do a mock test.

6. Extensive Reports

Your chosen product should provide extensive reporting features. You should be able to see test-wise and question-wise reports. It should give you option to look at historical reports from previous attempts. This way you will know which are your weak areas and what more you should study.


We believe taking a simulator-based mock test is as essential as preparing for the PMP exam. Hence we have listed some good points to look before finalizing a simulator for the exam.

Preparation at your own pace is good because that helps you to learn and understand more properly. A good simulator will test your understanding and a improve your preparation level. It will guide you with proper explanations for every wrong and correct answer.

A good simulator will give you an extra push and you will gain confidence which is a must before appearing for any exam.

Over To You

What do you think about the criteria for finding a good simulator? Should aspirants invest their money on buying simulation tests? Which practice exams are you using for your preparation.

Let us know in the comment section below.

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