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How To Find The Best PMP Exam Simulator?

You might be looking for the best PMP exam simulator. You would find various test simulators for practicing certification test questions, which includes our simulator also.

Some of these simulation software are good but others are not so good. If you want to pass the PMP exam in your first try then you should invest only in a good product.

So, how do you determine which the top PMP simulator?

We have written this article to tell you the criteria for finding the best software for practicing tests. We will discuss about the features that you should look for before choosing a product.

The Best PMP Exam Simulator for Practice Tests

Why is Simulator Important?

Let us understand why a simulator is important for passing the certification exam.

A simulator is a testing program that helps you to practice tests in an environment that is similar to the main exam. It imitates the the actual exam. It has similar questions, pattern, and difficulty.

A simulator helps you in getting familiar with the exam environment and pattern. It checks your preparation level and provides spot feedback by telling you which are your strong and weak areas. It allows  you to improve your knowledge and perform better in the actual exam.

Criteria for Finding A Good Simulation Software

1. Question Bank

Simulator with a good amount of questions will cover all the topics from the curriculum and have variation in the question bank. The questions must be related to all the Knowledge Areas and Process Groups.

2. Correct Answers and Explanations

Every question be it difficult, moderate or easy needs explanation. A good explanation will help the candidate to memorize the concept more easily.

Remember that the answers should have the PMBOK Guide’s reference, which is provided by PMI, the PMP exam organizer.

3. Topic-wise Reports

Simulators should have and provide extensive reporting features. By understanding the report, it will help you to assess performance and keep track of your score across Knowledge Areas and Process Groups over a period of time.

You can check weak and strong areas and prepare accordingly. An extensive report will help you to track your weakness and strength and this can be analysed via paid exam simulators.

4. Statistical Data

The simulator must have a section called Statistical Data where the aspirants will have knowledge of score across different Knowledge Areas (KA) and Process Groups (PG).

By going so, the aspirants will have a proper idea about their historical records, statistical evidence like mean, median, etc.

5. Test Generator

The test simulator should have random picking of questions from the question bank which must be based on Knowledge Area (KA) and Process Group (PG). Most of the popular paid exams simulators do provide this feature. Thus using this feature will definitely improve your preparation for the PMP Exam.

6. Unique and Difficult Questions

PMP(Project Management Professional) is not an exam where you can take the preparation lightly. Students and professionals must have a dedicated plan for preparation.

7. Based on the PMBOK Guide

The PMBOK guide (Project Management Body of Knowledge) is published by PMI. this guide is currently in its 6th edition. With every update, the PMP exam is also be updated.

The PMP handbook suggests candidate make use of the PMBOK guide as one of their references. And it is estimated that the PMP exam contains about 80% of the materials required for the PMP exam. From a survey, it is found that 95% of the aspirants did read the PMBOK guide at least once during their preparation.

If you are a member of PMI then you can download the PMBOK guide electronic copy for free. But many aspirants think that it is difficult to read the PMBOK guide. And give up on that. It is not that hard. Two things that you can do is. Hold on and read thoroughly, don’t focus on understanding.

Try to read the guide as fast as possible. Another thing is to give up on the PMBOK Guide and use other PMP Exam preparation course or guides that are meant for PMP exam.

8. Does not Depend Entirely on the PMBOK Guide

If you think that after reading or learning the PMBOK guide concepts is enough to pass the exam then no it’s not. Do not depend on the PMBOK guide solely for passing the PMP examination. Yes, it is true that it is published by PMI which means Project Management Body of Knowledge, it meant to be the framework of project management best practices.

But the actual PMP exam is more than the PMBOK guide. This is advised by the experienced that some content of the exam covered from outside PMBOK guide so it’s better to prepare from project management current titles. While most of the content is from the PMBOK guide only. But for your best preparation and to crack the exam in the first attempt you have to prepare for your worst.

Prepare a checklist for your PMP topics that are to be included in your preparation. And prepare accordingly.

For that reason, it is absolutely necessary to prepare well for the exam. The test questions change frequently so you can not leave anything to chance.


I believe taking a simulator-based mock test is as essential as preparing for the PMP exam itself. Hence I have listed some good points to look before finalizing a simulator for the exam.

Preparation at your own pace is good because that helps you to learn and understand more properly. But taking a good simulator will test your understanding and a good simulator must guide you to improve your preparations through the explanation for every wrong and correct answer.

A good simulator will give you an extra push and you will gain confidence which is a must before appearing for any exam.

Over To You

What do you think about the criteria for finding a good simulator? ahould aspirants invest their money on buying simulation tests? Which practice exams are you using for your preparation.

Let us know in the comment section below.

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